About Us

“Without crisis there are no challenges, without challenges life is a routine, a slow agony”

The founder Dott. Riccardo Longato took up the challenge in 2015 when he lost his job due to the bankruptcy of the company in which he was employed as head of the technical office. Twenty years of experience in the field of power transmission began as a mechanical designer of food machinery for the processing of pasta. The desire to grow professionally makes him work in Italian industrial groups known in the production of gearboxes and gears. During this period he became the inventor of two patents on gearboxes.

The knowledge of the market and of the applications amplifies the commercial spirit of the founder who helps, as a technical / commercial consultant, the sale of special speed reducers defined as “out-of-catalog products”.

Finally, in January 2016, he constitues the Longato Riccardo Srls, an innovative engineering company. The specialization of the company and the high rate of innovation of its products have led in a short time the Longato Riccardo Srls to become an innovative start-up and to collaborate with research institutions including the University of Padua.

The company is currently part of the recent T2i technology hub: the T2i incubator, certified in the Veneto region, is a system that welcomes sturt-up its structure, and companies with activities with a high level of competence and innovation.


Values and Code of Ethics

The company wants to propose the new approach of “ecological consultancy”.

This means accompanying and supporting the client for the most appropriate choice of the solution to be adopted to solve a problem or create innovative products.

We we belive in sharing the choices and the goals that lead to the final drafting of a project. Lastly, we believe that the designer’s responsibility is also to supervise the phases of construction, assembly and final testing of the product.

To realize this path, it is first of all necessary to possess an intellectual honesty, even at the expense of ideological contrast with the client: there are many ways to produce a good and we have choose the most rational and functional way.

The founder is convinced that curiosity and updating are one of the bases of the consulting activity, because without the knowledge of new processes / methods of calculation or updating on the regulations we remain linked to concepts and ideas that could be old.


What do we do

Longato Riccardo Srls wants to create and launch the message that it is possible to realize an innovative approach compared to to the normal methods of mechanical design thanks to the use of the know-how acquired in 25 years of experience in design and project management in the metalworking sector.

  • Dott. Riccardo Longato

    Founder of Longato Srls

Knowledge of languages ​​allows Longato Riccardo Srls to independently manage technical relationships with companies that have business or work account abroad.

The ductility of the mathematical model makes it easy to realize calculations of an extreme complexity. The Longato Riccardo Srls offers many of hours of free consultancy on possible changes to an already made model for the client.

As an innovative start-up, Longato Riccardo Srls has a cost that can be amortized for all companies of any size, legal form, sector of activity and accounting system adopted through a tax relief in the form of a tax credit according to the 2015 Stability Law (L.23 December 2014 No. 190).

Longato Riccardo Srls is able to provide the tools and skills, through its law office to facilitate the access to this bonus. For more details or clarifications contact us.

Longato Riccardo Srls wants to become one of the leading companies in the mechanical design market thanks to the contribution of innovative ideas to chose the best solution for a problem.

We look at new projects with the enthusiasm of a child and the eyes of an engineer” is the live-motive around which our business is developed.

The innovative approach of Longato Riccardo Srl is the use of certified software of the latest generation.

The constant contact with companies in the production sector of gear and machining preserves updated the projectual art to provide customized, innovative and patentable solutions.