Corporate Video

18 Marzo 22
Riccardo Longato Corporate Video

Corporate Video with the test rig presentation

Watch the video for more details.

The test bench is used to characterise new plastic materials or to test the performance of polymeric gears.
To create the layout of the whole system, we have followed the guidelines of VDI 2736-4.

The conditions in which to perform testing are defined by three parameters:

  • input shaft speed [rpm]
  • temperature of flank of gear tooth being tested (test temperature) [°C]
  • torque on output gear [Nm]

Post processing phase: we utilize a software to manage the signals that are involved during the test. It is possible to change and implement the number of signals to check.

The test bench works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we have the possibility to check/monitor the test phase at any time via an app installed on a tablet or smartphone.

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