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Testing center

In order to appropriately design gears, it is advisable to perform gear testing in order to evaluate material selection, gears temperatures, as well as permissible root and flank stresses.


Metal Replacement

With the aim of developing and expanding the knowledge about gears made of plastic material, Longato Riccardo Srls collaborates with the University and rese arche centers...


Sizing of the gearbox / Mechanical components

This is the phase in which the designer's imagination develops models and ideas and achieves the goal when the theoretical calculation verifies the real application…


Realization of 3D model and executive drawings of the project

Through the use of solid 3D modeling programs (Solidworks, Solid Edge) the final project is laid out, together with tables and executive drawings...


Reverse Engineering

Often it’s needed to perform the maintenance of a mechanical reducer / transmission organ that was produced a long time ago and that is why there are no spare parts that are not produced anymore...



Technical consultancy, technical training courses via web or directly from the customer.