We have been chosen by KISSsoft® as an authorised service partner in Italy

With the newly developed test rig, Longato Riccardo has the possibility of comparing test results with software results (KISSsoft plastic manager ®) offering to the market a complete advice on technopolymer gears.
(Theoretical calculation, Injection moulding, Testing)

Services offered:

  1. Technical consultancy on KISSsoft® software with special focus on the calculation of technopolymer gears
  2. Determination of S-N fatigue curves (Wohler curves according to VDI 2736-part 4). These curves can be generated directly and entered into the customer’s database with KISSsoft plastic manager ®.
  3. Test for determination of wear coefficient “kw”
  4. Test for determining the coefficient of friction “COF”
  5. Customisable tests in dry, oil or grease lubricant conditions
  6. Determination of best compound

NEW test in the NHV sector with new dedicated test rig


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